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Busy vs. Productive


How many of you are good with time management? If you are, please help a girl out because moving further away from work has made me realize that I am not as great with time management as I had thought. Now that there are days spent 10 hrs away from home, with 2 of those hours in the car each day, it is vital that my time is not squandered. I don’t know about you, but when time slips away from me and nothing gets done, it leaves me feeling stressed and like a failure in some sense. In addition to working, there is blogging, events, friends and the normal demands of life that come in the way. Below, I’ve created a list of 10 things that can improve how my time is spent.

  1. Plan Outfits: You know those mornings when you don’t have an outfit planned and then you’re rushing around like a crazy person, trying on outfits and still cannot find anything to wear despite a full closet? Yeah, that was me every day last week.
  2. Plan Posts: I am pretty much the worst when it comes to scheduling blog and social media posts. Mainly, because my creativity is peaked at random moments, but I plan to get better at this!
  3. Limit/plan the time spent on Social Media. This is a bit difficult being a blogger and constantly being on social media. That does not mean it isn’t possible. There are so many apps that track your social media time and how often you open your phone.
  4. Have down time. Kind of strange when we’re talking about spending time wisely. Hear me out. A break from life allows you to reset, your brain to be free from distractions, ultimately letting those creative and innovative juices flow.
  5. Meal Prep. I am so bad at this but, I am working on it! If you have quick, healthy, recipes let me know!
  6. Plan out workouts for the week. The app that I use is Nike Training Club and they have tons of workouts and you can even set up a customizable plan.
  7. Have a calendar with events. Whether it is your phone or another planner, be sure to plan out events so that you know what you have coming up.
  8. Use travel time to learn: Podcasts, NPR, and audiobooks are life! As nerdy as they sound, they are life savers for people who have long commutes!
  9. Beautify yourself! If your skin is just feeling terrible but you’ve got so much to do, that means, it’s MASK TIME. Wearing a mask while doing laundry or housework kills two birds with one stone!
  10. Live in the moment! Be aware of your surroundings and continue to journey along!

Let me know if you try any of these tips and tricks for maximizing your time!

Dress: Chicwish

Bag: Kate Spade

Boots: Missguided

Sunglasses: NORA NYC

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Glosshouz Spa Body Wrap

Fashion Lifestyle
Glosshouz I must say is one of my favorite places to go when it comes to anything beauty! When you walk in, it is like an oasis, you’re welcomed by the nail bar (literally you get your nails done at a bar!) and gorgeous bright decor and lighting. I kid you not every time I walk in there it is like I forget all that is going on in the world and I am able to relax. I am then showed to the locker room and am given a robe and some slippers. At Glosshouz, they have a pre-relaxation room where you can rest, sip on a mimosa or some champagne before you get your treatment. I proceeded to my room where my body wrap was to be done.
I get undressed and lie on the table provided and my treatment begins. First, they exfoliate your skin with a dead sea salt scrub. The scrub, is then wiped off and the seaweed gel is applied. The gel is a transparent green and it feels nice on the body, especially after the scrub. You’re then wrapped in foil so that your body creates heat and the gel can sink deeper into the skin. I do not remember how long you keep this foil wrapped around you because I fell asleep lol. (That’s a good thing right!)
The next part is interesting. You can either proceed with a bath and soak in oils and other moisturizers. Or, you can do a table shower. I am not really a bath person so I chose the shower. You stay on the table and they literally shower you. You then dry off and get dressed and relax in the relaxation room. You can get another smoothie or mimosa or
When I went in before the procedure my skin was normal, a bit dry (normal for me) and nothing great about it. After I had finished with the procedure, I noticed even as my skin was dry it was extremely smooth. I used the oils and lotions they had provided in the locker room. I honestly did not know my skin could be so soft! I had soft skin for about 2-3 weeks and my stomach was oddly flatter than normal which I did not realize could happen, which was a plus! I definitely would recommend getting this if you are getting married and want to be soft for you know what! If you’re going on vacation it is perfect too to add that extra glow to your skin! I definitely will be getting another one so that I can be smooth through the winter months!
For Glosshouz packages and services click here! Let me know what you think of this place!
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