Welcome to VANESSALAND (VL) where we do Life Together! VL is all about finding your style through cultivating an abundant life. Just like you’ve got a distinct life story, you’ve got your own distinct style. You just may not know it…..yet. That is where I come in. Style is important for every aspect of life and is not as difficult as you may think! As an electrical engineer, and fashion stylist, I’ve combined my love for ideas and stories, with my passions for fashion and style, to bring out the bold confidence within you! THAT is your personal style. In VL, we get down and dirty about life because a truly abundant life comes from learning about others and from others, while going through our own experiences. I’ll be honest, I do not have all the answers, and you may not either, but together we can do so much more! So let’s do life together while looking fabulous! Muah