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Utilizing your “AND’s”

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How many of you have certain things or hobbies that peak your interests or are your passions?

Have you thought of those things? Keep that in the back of your mind.

We are all gifted in different areas with certain talents. These talents are unique to each and every one of us.

Growing up I had two main passions:

First was a curiosity for how things worked! As a little girl sitting on my bunkbed watching my father turn off the lights before going to sleep, I was always curious as to how the light was able to turn on and off.

How the television was able to display a picture. How the refrigerator kept things cold. How donuts were made, etc etc.

Did you ever wonder that? No… ok well moving on.

My Second passion was style and fashion. This is because I saw the way that personal style could transform a person. When a person was wearing their favorite outfit, their attitude shifted and you could see positive confidence radiating from them!

Throughout adolescence and into early adulthood, I learned very much about how things worked especially through engineering school.

During those years however, I was still neglecting one side of me, and that was the fashion and style side. I would look it up on the weekends, study different body shapes and always put outfits together but still that portion was not being fulfilled.

2011-2012 was when I really started to see social media platforms transform lives. From @mankofit who had about 4k followers at the time, to @thepatriciabright and her YouTube videos, I saw them doing what they loved and turning them into their passions. This was also when blogs were fairly new and my sister had one

It honestly didn’t hit me until I graduated college and thought “that’s it, I need to hop on this fashion train!” So I Googled literally every fashion show/event in my area and made it a thing to reach out to as many people as possible to try to get into the industry.

As I did that my “fashion network” began to grow and my passions were being fulfilled and I was starting to combing engineering with fashion and fashion with engineering. I like to bring my “Fashionista” to the office and with an office full of engineers….. let’s just say it is easy to stand out.

But see that is where the true problem lies. I love both, so why can’t I be both? At all times. Society has its way of keeping things separate. You can be this or that, not both.

Well society, FORGET YOU! Cause I am defying all odds and combining my passions.

When we combine our passions, these passions are our ANDS, as told by my dear friend Liz. When we utilize and combine our AND’s that is when those societal norms and barriers are broken. This is when we learn that it is ok to be many things and that being many things and utilizing many things makes us stronger.

So to you! Remember you’re talented, you’ve got gifts! Utilize your AND’s to tear down the societal walls!

Outfit Details:

Top @chicwish

Skirt @chicwish

Shoes: Angels in Flat Irons Mall

Bag: Urban Southern Use code VANESSA15 for 15% off your order!

Jewelry: Nordstrom

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Glosshouz Spa Body Wrap

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Glosshouz I must say is one of my favorite places to go when it comes to anything beauty! When you walk in, it is like an oasis, you’re welcomed by the nail bar (literally you get your nails done at a bar!) and gorgeous bright decor and lighting. I kid you not every time I walk in there it is like I forget all that is going on in the world and I am able to relax. I am then showed to the locker room and am given a robe and some slippers. At Glosshouz, they have a pre-relaxation room where you can rest, sip on a mimosa or some champagne before you get your treatment. I proceeded to my room where my body wrap was to be done.
I get undressed and lie on the table provided and my treatment begins. First, they exfoliate your skin with a dead sea salt scrub. The scrub, is then wiped off and the seaweed gel is applied. The gel is a transparent green and it feels nice on the body, especially after the scrub. You’re then wrapped in foil so that your body creates heat and the gel can sink deeper into the skin. I do not remember how long you keep this foil wrapped around you because I fell asleep lol. (That’s a good thing right!)
The next part is interesting. You can either proceed with a bath and soak in oils and other moisturizers. Or, you can do a table shower. I am not really a bath person so I chose the shower. You stay on the table and they literally shower you. You then dry off and get dressed and relax in the relaxation room. You can get another smoothie or mimosa or
When I went in before the procedure my skin was normal, a bit dry (normal for me) and nothing great about it. After I had finished with the procedure, I noticed even as my skin was dry it was extremely smooth. I used the oils and lotions they had provided in the locker room. I honestly did not know my skin could be so soft! I had soft skin for about 2-3 weeks and my stomach was oddly flatter than normal which I did not realize could happen, which was a plus! I definitely would recommend getting this if you are getting married and want to be soft for you know what! If you’re going on vacation it is perfect too to add that extra glow to your skin! I definitely will be getting another one so that I can be smooth through the winter months!
For Glosshouz packages and services click here! Let me know what you think of this place!
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